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The Overall Composition of The Core Filling Food Production Line

Release time:2018年10月31日

The core filling process line adopts advanced puffing extrusion technology. By changing the mold and the production technology, it is easier for the operator to produce the popular marshall, core filling snacks, sandwich rice cakes and other snacks foods and it will be meeting the needs of the market. The process line has a small fool area, flexible configuration, easy operation and strong adaptability, and it have a highly praised by people who in the industry.

Our core filling snacks process line is composed of flour mixer, screw conveyer, double-screw extruder, core filler, shaping machine, hoister, electric oven and automatic. Generally, flour mixer is used for mix kinds of raw materials, it will be reduce the time and labour than manual work.

The screw conveyor is used for transport raw materials. Our screw conveyor runs stably, resistant to cold and heat, and has a long service life. The double-screw extruder has a wide range of uses and high precision, and the products produced have a high quality, simple operation and reliable performance. The core filling machine is mainly used to fill the product with a composite core filling such as chocolate, which makes the product more unique and more suitable for the public taste.

The shaping machine is mainly to shape the products that adjust the shape and size according to market demand. The performance of the hoister and screw conveyor are basically the same, they are both used to transport the product. The core filling and shaped product conveyed to the electric oven by the hoister, the product will be matured, and finally it can be the edible.

Finally, it is seasoned by double drum or single drum flavoring line. This machine is equipped with automatic dusting function, adjustable tilt, convenient operation, high output, safe and hygienic, adjustable mixing time, uniform mixing and automatic ejection. The material can be seasoned and mixed with different shapes of food. The above is the main component of the core filling process line.

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