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The Choice of Mould of Extruder Equipment – Arrow Machinery

Release time:2018年12月10日

We know that snack foods are a type of fast-moving consumer goods. They are foods that people eat during their leisure and rest, including nuts, puffed foods, meat products, sweets, baked pastries, and lactic acid bacteria drinks. As far as puffed foods are concerned, at present, the puffed products on the market are dazzling and dazzling. In fact, the shape of the expanded product is diverse, and its puffed food machinery mould is the key to the nutrition and value of the puffed product. By changing the mould and production process, it can produce sandwich cake, puffed rice cracker, wheat bran, nutritious breakfast and other products, suitable for various food manufacturers.

Our company produces a variety of puffed food machinery models, and its supporting moulds are also diverse. The products are produced in a variety of shapes to meet the requirements of different customers. The mould is a precision tool with complex shapes, structural strength and rigidity of surface hardness, surface roughness and processing have high requirements. The structural strength, stiffness, surface hardness, surface roughness and processing precision of the extrusion extruders produced by our company are in line with the requirements of the production process. And extruder produced by our company are matched with each other and its the best choice for customers.

In short, with the rapid growth of demand for snack foods, the variety and category of products have also increased significantly, which has also brought some pressure on the competition of enterprise products. Snack food processing enterprises should seize the opportunity in market development and actively explore new products. It is necessary to bring in advanced food production lines to continuously improve product innovation capabilities. By exploring the shape of molds and ensuring the diversity of products, it is better to better to develop healthily continuously!

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