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Your Best Choice – Millet Crispy Process Line Jinan Arrow

Release time:2018年12月15日

Crispy chips is a leisure snack that is very popular. The main raw materials are rice, millet, soybeans, corn flour and so on. It can make a stomach thick and helps digestion, but it is not suitable for people with weak stomach and chronic gastritis. Its classification is wide, there are sesame crispy, sheeled melon-seed crispy, peanut crispy, sweet potato casserole and so on.

Millet Crispy Process Line

1. Flow chart: Mixer; Twin-screw extruder; Cooling; Fryer; Flavoring Line; Packing

2. Technical Essential


The formula used by each manufacturer is not same, but all kinds of raw materials should be put in different proportions, and the mixture should be stirred evenly and used.

2) Extrusion 

The blended mixture is placed in the feeding port of the extruder, extruded by a puffing machine, and then produced in a specific mold to form a product shape desired by the customer.


The produced products are cooled by our company's specific cooling equipment.

4) Fryer and Flavoring Equipment

The oil temperature is about 240 ° C, the time is 3 to 6 minutes, and it is fried into a light yellow color. After draining the oil, spray the seasoning powder and then package.

Millet crispy contains carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamin A, B vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, etc., rich in nutrients, crispy and delicious.

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