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Using Attention Method Frying Machinery Equipment

Release time:2019年01月16日

Fried dough snacks  have always been the favorite dough for children, especially the fried noodles and deep-fried noodles, which are in short supply on the market.

The fryer will be a must for many manufacturers at this time. If you can't understand the specific use and function of the device, it will lead to the failure to use the device and delay the work.

Before using the equipment, clearly identify the products to be produced and use different oil and oil temperatures depending on the product. Dough and puffed food series such as twist, shaqima, cat ears, etc., suitable for frying equipment.

Before using the equipment, it is necessary to add oil to the furnace. When it is used for a period of time, some oil residue will be generated on the surface. The wall should be cleaned in time and cleaned at least four times a month. The residue on the surface of the fryer should be cleaned in time, and the residue should not accumulate too much or too thick. Prevent the heat stored in the slag from causing a fire. The summer fryer changes oil every once in a while, and can be replaced periodically according to the oil quality in winter to protect the quality of the oil; the heating tube must be immersed in the medium to work. Check the performance and sensitivity of the photoelectric switch regularly.

General advanced equipment is equipped with automatic temperature control devices. The oil temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily during normal use. According to the product, the proper temperature is selected to automatically control the on-off condition of the heating to ensure the constant temperature. This device not only reduces energy consumption, but also easy and fast to operate, and improves work efficiency, which is very popular among users.

Another important point is that the frying pan must be cleaned after use. The specific method is to release the oil after the oil is cooled, then pour the water into the water to boil, sprinkle the edible alkali powder, and cook 5- 10 minutes, then drain the water.

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