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Do You Know The Influence Factors of Instant Noodles Process Line?

Release time:2019年01月24日

Instant noodles are a very common food in our daily life. In production, the requirements for instant noodle production lines are very high. Let me explain to you the factors affecting the instant noodle production line:


In the production of instant noodle production line, the content of wet gluten in flour is required to be 32--34%. Low wet gluten content or poor wet gluten quality will affect the formation of the gluten network, which will affect the elasticity and elongation of the dough, and cause difficulty in forming the dough with smooth and uniform thickness, and will affect the taste and oil content of the finished product. The high ash content of the flour not only affects the color and odor of the flour, but also affects the uniform water absorption of the flour during the dough and affects the formation of the gluten network, which has a certain influence on the product quality. In addition, the particle size of the flour also has an effect on the dough.


The protein and starch in the flour can only be fully absorbed to achieve a good surface effect. Usually 100 kg of flour plus 30 kg of water is required. The operation is adjusted according to the moisture content of the flour and the water content of the protein. Adding water as much as possible without affecting the compression and molding is beneficial to improving product quality.


Adding the right amount of salt, this is the conclusion of the dietitian who has been honestly noodles. When the dough is mixed, the dissolved salt is appropriately added, which not only enhances the taste, but also strengthens the gluten and improves the processing property of the dough. At the same time, salt has the effect of preventing rancidity of the dough. Usually: high protein content, more salt, and vice versa; summer temperatures are higher and more salt, less in winter.


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