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Do you know the performance of the extruder?

Release time:2019年03月01日

With the continuous advancement and development of the society, the use of  extruders is also increasing. What is the performance of the extrusion extruder? Let us explain to you below:


The extrusion extruder mainly consists of a feeding system, a conditioner, an extrusion puffing system, a cutter system, a transmission system, a control system, and a machine base.


The most important part include the screw and barrel whic is the main body that determines the performance of the extruder. Since the structural parameters of the screw and barrel of the extrusion extruder are the most critical factors affecting the quality and output of the extrusion extruder, the processing of different raw materials, the parameters of the screw or the combination of the screws should follow the change, in order to obtain the ideal extrusion effect.


However, the performance of the conditioner is also the key which affecting  seriously if the extrusion technology can be fully utilized. It is also an important factor in ensuring the extruder’s performance.
FT Series Twin-Screw Extruder 水印不加联系方式.jpg


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