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Research on the Technology of Breakfast Cereal Products

Release time:2021年06月02日

Extruded breakfast cereals are a type of nutritious breakfast food that is processed by extrusion technology using cereals—corn, rice, wheat, oats, etc., as the main raw materials, and can be eaten by adding cold milk, soy milk or fruit juice. In the past 30 years, twin-screw continuous extrusion cooking technology has played a very important and decisive role in the innovation and development of breakfast cereal production. Compared with the conventional, batch-type moist heat cooking (90~110℃, 15~30min residence time), the continuous extrusion cooking process is regarded as a high temperature and short time (110~180℃, 0.5~1.5min residence time). The mechanical thermal cooking process of residence time) greatly improves productivity. At the same time, it enables producers to produce breakfast cereals based on any cereal or starch, and the varieties and characteristics of breakfast cereals are further diversified. In order to obtain ideal quality breakfast cereals, in addition to designing a good formula, it is also necessary to understand the influence of production operation parameters on its quality. The extrusion process of food is very complicated. At present, the extrusion theory of food processed by twin-screw extruder is not perfect, and there is no precise mathematical model applied to twin-screw food extruder. The structural parameters and operating parameters are used to predict the characteristics of the extruded food. At present, most of the operation of the extruder still relies on experience. In this paper, bulk density is used as the core quality index of breakfast cereal products, and the influence of the main operating parameters of the twin-screw extruder on the characteristics of breakfast cereal products is studied. At the same time, the internal relationship between the quality indicators of breakfast cereals is discussed, with the purpose of breakfast The production of cereal products provides theoretical guidance.


Process flow

Vitamins → pre-mixed with a small amount of grain raw materials ← minerals

Raw and auxiliary materials → metering → mixing → feeding → twin-screw extrusion → cutting → drying →

Cooling → packaging → finished product

Operation points

Mixing of raw and auxiliary materials

Take a small amount of grain raw materials and minerals and vitamins premix in the formula, mix them evenly in a premixer, and then mix the premixed vitamins and minerals mixture with the sieved powdered raw materials in a quick mixer all


Under the condition that the cavity temperature is controlled at (T2 70°C, T3 80°C, T4 180°C, T5 180°C), through the adjustment of the operating process parameters (water temperature, screw speed, feed volume) of the twin-screw extruder, The material undergoes a series of complex continuous treatments such as mixing, extrusion, shearing, melting, sterilization, maturation and puffing, so that the starch is gelatinized and the protein is denatured in a very short time, so that the material becomes mature from raw to mature.


After the material of the extruder is extruded through the die hole, it is cut with a high-speed cutter.

Drying, baking, cooling

The purpose is to make the product color and color uniform, produce a special baking flavor; make the product crispy; reduce the moisture content of the finished product (≤ 5%); extend the product shelf life.

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