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Twin screw extruder

Release time:2022年05月04日

The working principle of the twin-screw extruder is to feed the raw material into the extruder cavity after a certain amount of pulverization and with a certain water content, so that the material is mixed, compressed, mechanically sheared and frictional in the extruder screw. Driven by a series of complex continuous processes such as mixing, shearing, melting, curing and sterilization, etc.

Compared with single screw extruder, Twin screw extruder is more widely used to produce puff snacks, corn flakes, breakfast cereals, Doritos, nutrition enriched rice, instant rice, nutrition porridge, textured soya protein, pet food, fish feed, etc.

Our company specialize in twin screw extruder research and development, we have an integrated product system with basic, medium and high standard extruders. Take FT series twin screw extruders as example, its advantages include:

1.Modular screw assembly design, suitable for various products

2.Alloy steel canister inside the barrel, longer life time;

3.Barrel heating can be electric and steam optional, maintenance cost low;

4.Professional gear box design, with automatic lubricating, filtration and cooling system;

5.PLC touch screen control, max 24 recipes memory;

6.Reliable electronic parts, including Siemens, Omron, Fuji, Delta, LG, etc;

7.Powerful direct-cutting system with linear slide rail, available for high production. 

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