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Corporate Vision
Leader of snack food machinery and creator of social value
Our Mission
Making our brand spread all over the world
Creating satisfactory value for corporate stakeholders
Enterprise Spirit
Respecting progress Tolerating failure Keeping pace with the times Beyond today
Corporate Philosophy
With all my heart, with a promise
Perfect quality, professional focus
Our Mission
Making our brand spread all over the world. Creating satisfactory value for corporate stakeholders
For customers:upplying the best technology and quality of products at competitive prices;With better service and support to meet individual needs, we must help customers maximize profits.
For employees:There are different attitudes, abilities, and performance differences between employees, but we don't easily give up any employee who works with us. We want to motivate our potential and provide a stage to achieve personal ideals.
For society:To be a law-abiding manufacturer, we must create wealth for the community and increase our economic growth.
Corporate Vision
Leader of snack food machinery, creator of social value
After 10 to 15 years’ effort, we will be:
A leader in the food machinery industry;Pioneers of new products and technologies;The most competitive company in the industry;Well-respected and welcomed in the domestic market, well-known manufacturer in the international market;Making our employees enjoy their comfortable lives。
Jinan Arrow Machinery will become a glorious enterprise. We will gain recognition, respect and support from customers for our outstanding contribution, good reputation and superior strength in the industry. Each of our employees will grow up together with the company.
Corporate Philosophy
Management institutionalization  Standardization of work  Programmed working Data-oriented analysis
Management Systemization-- Management is ensured by healthy institutions.
Standardization of work – Work is measured by standards to achieve the ideal state.
Proceduralization - Handling issue based on standard procedures.
Data-oriented analysis—Scientific data analysis
Enterprise Spirit
Respecting progress  Tolerating failure  Keeping pace with the times  Beyond today
We must keep pace with times and make progress with society. We must be keenly aware of the changes of environment and world, be firm in accelerating the development of our beliefs, be active in action, continue to innovate, and constantly deny ourselves and surpass today.
Our goal is to make the best in everything. We must set an example in the food machinery industry in China. Meanwhile, we also must be the head of competition in international markets.
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