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Independent innovation is the only way for food machinery enterprises to go to the world

Release time:2018年07月26日

The Chinese food machinery industry has shown rapid and robust development momentum in the past decade or so, especially in the past five or six years. At present, Chinese food machinery enterprises have initially possessed strong research and development capabilities and manufacturing capabilities, and have a strong economic strength and material foundation. From the introduction, digestion and absorption of the past to the current integration and independent innovation, they have become the main ones. He began to make progress towards original innovation, moving from "domestic demand" to "international", from "scale growth" to "core capabilities", and from "products" to "brands". From "manufacturing power" to "manufacturing power." The country's impressive performance in the food machinery industry has made a big difference. Its road to success has taught Chinese companies, especially in the equipment manufacturing industry, that they must follow the road of independent innovation. 
        Like many industries such as automobiles, home appliances, and pharmaceuticals, the rapid development of China's machinery industry began with the introduction of foreign technologies after the reform and opening up. The promotion role played by foreign technologies in the development of the entire industry is irreplaceable. However, the Chinese machinery industry does not rely on common joint ventures to develop like the Chinese auto industry. It follows a road of introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation. Its development has benefited from the power of foreign capital, but it does not rely entirely on foreign capital. Its success lies in the fact that it has improved its own R&D and management capabilities while learning advanced foreign technology and management, whether it is cooperation with foreign capital or joint ventures. Always stick to your brand. So far, China's machinery products have not been fully played abroad brand, and rarely do foreign brand.

The Chinese food machinery industry is an open industry, and not universal joint ventures are not completely exclusive of joint ventures. In fact, the machinery industry is not completely exclusive of joint ventures under the principle of "I'm the main". There are currently a number of joint ventures. International cooperation is an effective way for Chinese products to enter the international market quickly. In cooperation with foreign investors, we can gain a series of advantages in purchasing foreign parts and components, attracting international talents, and establishing sales networks abroad.  

Compared with joint Ventures, the food machinery industry is more optimistic about cooperating with foreign countries, especially technical cooperation. Many enterprises carry out "high grafting and second innovation" on the basis of introducing foreign technology. By setting up R&D branches and scientific and technological information networks in developed countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands, they have "invited in" foreign counterparts to grasp the trend of international technology development and enhance the forward-looking nature of secondary innovation. Some companies hire foreign experts to participate in R&D and product design all year round. Some companies have begun to focus more on the international market. They have started and have established R&D institutions, production bases and sales networks abroad.  

At the same time, we should also see that the Chinese food machinery industry is far from the major engineering and machinery powers of the United States, Japan and Germany in terms of size and strength of enterprises, brand influence and research and development capabilities. In particular, there is a large gap in durability, reliability, and product performance. Introduction and cooperation can shorten the time to catch up with foreign countries.

The pace of world economic integration is accelerating, and the sense of internationalization of Chinese enterprises is becoming more and more intense. To develop and strengthen Chinese enterprises, they must go to the world market and go abroad to compete internationally. Independent innovation is like one's own skill, and new products are like "killer". Only through independent innovation can we develop new products that are leading, guiding the market and being accepted by the market, and only then can enterprises become invincible and develop on the stage of international competition. This is the only way, and there is no other way.

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