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How to Shorten the Gap between Domestic Instant Noodle Production Line and International Production Line

Release time:2018年07月26日

With the prosperity of China's commodity economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the prospects of instant noodle production line and packaging technology are very optimistic. In recent years, the state has stepped up supervision over the quality and safety of food and medicines, and put forward new requirements for the production, processing and packaging of food products. A number of food production enterprises have invested in the technological transformation of packaging equipment and innovation of production technology, to a certain extent, the level and market competitiveness of China's food industry.
       Although China's instant noodle production line and packaging technology level has improved, but China's instant noodle production line and packaging technology compared with developed countries in the competition is still in a weak position. About 30 % of enterprises in China's packaging machinery industry have low levels of duplication. This situation not only wasted limited capital, manpower and other important resources, but also caused the chaotic market of packaging machinery, hindered the healthy development of the industry, restricted the upgrading of packaging machinery of small and medium-sized food enterprises and innovation of packaging technology.  

At present, the production line of instant noodles in our country is mainly single machine, the technology content and automation are low, and the application of new technology, new technology and new materials is not enough to meet the requirements of the current development of food enterprises in our country. Some food enterprises have to spend a lot of funds to introduce some advanced technology, high production efficiency and high packaging precision food packaging production lines from abroad in order to transform technology, resulting in a large part of the domestic market share occupied by foreign brands.

Main gap between domestic instant noodle production line and international

1、low production efficiency, high energy consumption, poor stability and reliability, backward product shape, rough appearance, low life of basic parts and accessories, domestic pneumatic parts and electrical components poor quality.

2、instant noodle production line control technology is rarely applied. For example, remote control technology, stepping motor technology, information processing technology and so on. Experts pointed out that the world's German, Italian, American and Japanese packaging machinery is in the leading position. Among them, in the United States, the technology of three types of mechanical equipment: molding, filling, and sealing is rapidly updated. For example, liquid filling machines produced by the United States Liquid Filling Equipment Company(EJF), one device can achieve gravity filling, pressure filling, and positive pressure moving pump filling. That is, any viscous liquid can be achieved by changing the filling method by microcomputer control.

The German packaging machinery is world-class in terms of measurement, manufacturing, and technical performance. The beer and beverage filling equipment produced in the country has a fast production speed, high degree of automation, and good reliability. Mainly reflected in: automation of the process, high production efficiency, meet the short delivery period and reduce the cost of the process; The device is more flexible and flexible. Mainly reflected in the flexibility of production, structural flexibility and supply flexibility to meet the needs of product replacement; Using computer and simulation technology to provide complete sets of equipment, low failure rate, can carry out remote diagnostic services; Low environmental pollution, mainly including noise, dust and waste pollution.  

Among the packaging machines produced in Italy, 40 % are instant noodle production lines, such as candy packaging machines, tea packaging machines, filling machines, etc.. The product is characterized by good appearance, excellent performance, and cheap prices. The greatest advantage of the Italian packaging machinery industry is that it can design and produce according to the requirements of users, and it can ensure that the design, production, and testing can be completed well, and supervision, inspection, assembly, adjustment, and user demand analysis can be achieved.

Although the Japanese instant noodle production line is mainly small and medium-sized stand-alone machines, the equipment is small in size, high in accuracy, easy to install, easy to operate, and highly automated.

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