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Food packaging instant noodles production line must develop medium and high grade equipment

Release time:2018年07月26日

Present Situation and Development Trend of Instant Noodle Production Line in Food Packaging in China

At present, the development of the world's advanced food packaging machinery has shown the momentum of integrating machinery, electricity, gas, liquid, light, magnetism and life into one, and the high efficiency of production, the energy conservation and recycling of products, the practicality of new technologies, and the intellectualization have become trends. This should also be the mainstream development direction of the food packaging machinery industry in China. In terms of structural adjustment of products, we must change the situation in which low technology is the mainstay, learn advanced technology from abroad, develop large-scale complete sets of equipment and high-tech products with high efficiency, low consumption, and production and marketing, and develop suitable food packaging equipment according to national conditions. Accelerate the upgrading of food packaging machinery and further explore the domestic and international markets. 

With the continuous development of science and technology, the emergence of various food and aquatic processing products has put forward new requirements for food packaging technology and equipment. At present, the competition of instant noodle production line is increasingly fierce. In the future, the instant noodle production line will cooperate with industry automation to promote the overall improvement of packaging equipment and develop multifunctional, efficient and low-cost food packaging equipment.

Instant noodle production line technology development trend is mainly reflected in high productivity, automation, stand-alone multifunctional, multifunctional production line. With the new technology, inflatable packaging is used to replace vacuum packaging. The research of inflatable composition, packaging material and inflatable packaging machine is closely combined. In control technology, more use of computer technology and Microelectronics technology; Heat pipe and cold sealing technology are applied in sealing.  

Our country's instant noodle production line must take the road of specialized production, relying on simple repetition, the method of expanding the production quantity is not feasible, must develop medium and high-end equipment, strive to improve the technical content, the product to do fine, do specialized, do strong.

So far, instant noodles has gone through three stages of development. The advent of instant noodles is the fourth stage. Reviewing the first three stages of instant noodles development, its transformation always stays in the form, and the raw materials that change again and again are still wheat, and the process is pressed, cut, and fried. The newly introduced instant noodles are made of corn and grains as raw materials, and the instant noodles made by extrusion and non-puffing are smooth and refreshing, powerful, and fragrant. Because it adopts an advanced process of extrusion into strips and ripening, the nutrient composition of the original grain is not destroyed.China's food packaging machinery industry was formed in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and entered a period of rapid development in the 1990s. At present, it has entered a period of adjustment of product structure and improvement of innovation ability. The development of heavy bag food packaging machinery in China has also been developing with the improvement of cement bags and other large-capacity food bags. Taking cement food packaging as an example, along with iron barrels, wooden boxes, straw bags, sacks and later multi-layer sewn paper bags, the development of today's new materials, new bag type bag cement, has gone through a long process.

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