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Trends in the leisure food industry

Release time:2018年07月26日

Taste innovation is the first element. If the taste of a product is not good, it is difficult to meet consumer demand, how enterprises promote publicity is difficult to see the effect. Only in keeping with the development pace of market demand and timely development of new product tastes can the company's products be invincible. Let me tell you about looking for a breakthrough in casual food:

One is the variety and serialization of tastes. The demand of consumers is increasingly diversified and personalized, and the taste of food is particularly critical. The casual food with simple taste will be difficult to meet the needs of consumers. After in-depth understanding of consumer consumption needs, leisure food companies further subdivided target consumers, and according to the different needs of consumers, boldly carry out product innovation, expand existing product lines, and launch diversified tastes and personalized packaging. For example, a representative category of casual food, potato chips, has successfully developed a variety of flavors such as barbecue, tomato, cheese, and original taste. 

Second, regional taste improvement. The regional "characteristic taste" has a certain degree of locality. In order to cater to the different taste preferences of consumers in different regions, leisure food companies can make targeted adjustments and improvements to products with distinctive tastes in a region and then introduce them to the national market. Adapt to the taste characteristics of the general population. For example, the popularity of products such as "Chongqing Special Leisure Food" and "Leisure Soybean Dry" is the result of improvements in regional tastes.

The third is the increase in compound tastes. Consumers 'taste consumption is more and more inclined to compound, and they are more and more inclined to "taste different tastes at once". The choice of taste is also inclined to compound. Genno Machinery's more casual foods will combine various tastes. Through the innovation of technology to achieve the compound of taste, this innovation is also greatly welcomed by consumers.

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