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Food Ninja Fried Equipment Chapter

Release time:2018年07月26日

As a Ninja, he does not love to fight. If you want him to do it, the best way is to promise to use food as a reward. Whether he is fat or stupid, he will respond with a smile, but do not compete with him for food, even a piece of potato chips will instantly increase his combat effectiveness. The so-called potato chips are potato chips, which are fried potatoes as raw materials and belong to fried casual foods. With the rapid development of the Chinese economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the leisure food industry has grown rapidly. People have begun to use potato chips as the best choice to relieve stress and pass the time, and they have increasingly developed into leisure.

For fried casual food, the fry processing equipment plays a key role in the production process. Fried equipment is divided into vacuum frying machines and atmospheric frying machines according to different air pressures. The use range of vacuum frying machine is more extensive than that of ordinary pressure frying machine. It has been used in dried fruit, meat products, fruit and vegetable crisps and other foods. In addition to these two types of fried aircraft, vacuum mixed fried aircraft is favored by the industry and beyond due to its high efficiency and good efficiency. Vacuum frying machine is a kind of multi-functional, smokeless type, who has mixed advanced fried equipment, for the production enterprises, it has solved the problem of the existence of residue, fried acidification carbonization, and deterioration of the traditional frying machine.

In recent years, under the strong promotion of green and environmental protection, the food industry has also begun to take a healthy and environmentally friendly wind. The vacuum mixing frying machine is in the ranks of energy conservation and environmental protection. Its oil-water mixing technology has solved a large number of problems caused by overheating and drying of the frying machine, saving more than half of the oil than the traditional frying machine, and extending the frying cycle to some extent. Reduce waste of raw materials and environmental pollution. Therefore, the vacuum oil and water mixed frying machine conforms to the market trend, meets the needs of users, and thus gets rapid development.

The trend of the food industry and the market demand make the mechanical equipment performance continuously improved, and behind this is the manufacturing enterprise's unremitting innovation research and development. Now, with more and more kinds of fried equipment and better product quality, manufacturers need to innovate and improve their market competitiveness. Jinnuo Jinan is such an innovative enterprise, not only has a lot of advanced foreign production technology and equipment, but also independently developed. 

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