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Notes on the Use of Pet Feed Production Line

Release time:2018年07月26日

Pet feed production line is a process of forming pet feed raw materials. During the molding process, moisture is added in the form of steam, which makes the starch of the pet feed raw material paste and heats up to 100 degrees Celsius -180 degrees Celsius. Because the pressure before extrusion is very large, the pressure is released instantly when extruding, and the water is rushed out of the particles. The moment, so that the pet feed rapidly expands and bubbles, Water evaporates, so pet feed that has been puffed up generally has a good absorption and high nutritional value. What should be paid attention to during the use of pet feed production line? Let me tell you something about this:

 1、 long-term operations, should be fixed on a cement basis. If the place of work is often changed, pet feed equipment and electric machine should be installed on the seat made of corner iron, if the pet feed equipment diesel fuel, should match the power of the two, The power of diesel engine is slightly greater than that of pet feed equipment.

2、Check the fastening of the fasteners after installation and tighten if loose.

3、Check if belt looseness is appropriate and whether the motor shaft and pet feed equipment shaft are parallel.

4、Before starting, turn the rotor by hand first, check whether the teeth, hammers and rotors are flexible and reliable, whether there is any collision in the shell, whether the rotation direction of the rotor is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow on the aircraft, and whether the motor and powder are lubricated well.

5、Do not replace pulley to prevent high speed explosion, or low speed impact on work efficiency.

       6、After the comminuting platform started, it turned blank for 2-3 minutes.

       7、During the work, we should pay attention to the operation of pet feed equipment at any time, and the feed should be uniform to prevent blocking the boring car. We should not overload the operation for a long time. If we find vibration, noise, high temperature of bearings and body, and spray material, we should stop immediately. check, You can not continue to work until you have cleared up the problem.

       8、The crushed materials should be carefully checked to avoid accidents caused by hard objects such as copper, iron and stones.

       9、Operators should not wear gloves, feed should stand on the side of the pet feed equipment to prevent rebound debris injury face.

       10、When clogged, it is forbidden to use hands and sticks to forcibly feed or drag out feed.

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