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Do you know the precautions for the use of dog food extruders?

Release time:2018年10月18日

The dog food process line uses starch, flour, animal skin and other food additives as raw materials, and us various extrusion methods and molds to produce various strips, sticks, twists, two-color or multi-color shapes and sandwiches. By adjusting the formula, it can provide the nutritional needs for pet, and also meet the pet's chewing habit.

With the continuous advancement of social development, more and more people like to keep pets, the number of dog food will continue to increase. So do you know the precautions for the use of dog food puffing machinery? Now, I will try to popularize about the dog Precautions for the use of grain extruders:

1. When working with the pellet machine, do not put your hand into the feed port. If necessary, use a wooden stick to help feed.

2. Before start the machine, firstly you must add less material and then turn it on. When turn it off, please leave a little feed in the machine to prevent idle between the pressure roller of the machine and the template.

3. If appear stuck phenomenon when machine work, stop it immediately, press the pressure roller until the bolt loose, and then restart the machine.

4. After the machine has been used for a certain period of time or pressed out a certain amount of particles, if granule produced are broken or not solid, the disc should be turned over and add 2%-4% water in the following mixed feed.

5. When used granulation machine again, it should work about 40 hours under low load, then replace the gear oil in the gearbox. It will be replaced for 100 hours regularly in the future, and all bearings should be filled with grease regularly.

Today's explanation is end, thank you for taking the time to read in your busy schedule. Buy a machine and find Arrow. Jinan Arrow is your best choice, we will provide you with the best quality and cheap products with the best enthusiasm and the best service. Please feel free to call our hotline 86-531-82316906, we are looking forward to your call.

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