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How to Choose Aquatic feed Machine – Jinan Arrow Machine

Release time:2018年10月23日

With the development of China's aquatic feed industry and the emergence of new processing technologies, the quality of aquatic feed has been effectively promoted. The special process of aquatic feed processing comes from the special requirements of the quality of aquatic feed processing. And the special requirements for the quality of aquatic feed processing is derived from the physiological characteristics of feeding, digestion and absorption of aquatic animals.


Aquatic feed is a bait specially provided for aquatic animal breeding. Aquaculture feed equipment is a processing machine specially used for the production of aquatic feed. Aquatic feeds have wide warieties and many functions. From the shape can be divided into puffed feed, pellet feed, powder feed, but also divided into pre-mixed, blended, concentrated feed; from the function can be divided into shrimp, fish, crab and so on. Its raw materials are mainly grain raw materials, oils, fishmeal, etc. More than half of the feed cost in the production process is basically grain raw materials and fishmeal.


The double-screw extrusion aquatic feed production line developed by our learns European technology and adopts unit screw combination structure, and it can achieve precise control of production parameters. The extrusion process can decompose proteins and facilitate digestion and absorption. Aquatic feed which produce from our process line have high protein complete nutritional content and mineral elements, shaped in floating, sinking for various type freshwater and Marine fish. It also suitable shrimp and crab, without wasting, ideal choice for feed manufactury plant.


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