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The Difference Between Fried Food and Puffing Food

Release time:2018年10月24日

Puffing Food in a broad sense refers to foods that use frying, extrusion, sand frying, baking microwaves and other technology as a curing process, and have a significant increase in volume before and after the ripening process.

Puffing is the use of the phase change and the principle of the hot pressing effect of the gas, so that inside liquid of the material to be processed is rapidly heated to vaporize, supercharge and expand, then rely on the expansion force of the gas to drive the structural denaturation of the high molecular material in the component, thereby the process of forming a porous material which have a network structure characteristic and shaping. Puffed food refers to food produced by the expansion process, so fried food is just one of the puffed foods!

The fried pasta production line is a convenient food line developed by our company for today's fast-paced life. The main ingredient flour is pressed through multiple press rolls, cut into different shapes by a special mechanism, fried and puffed, and then flavored and dried to make a delicious snack food. The production line is designed to be reasonable and easy to operate.

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