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What are the advantages of food extruder equipment?

Release time:2018年10月26日

In recent years, the use of puffing machinery and equipment at home and abroad to produce a series of snack foods, its characteristics are crisp and refreshing, easy to digest and absorb, so it is favored by consumers. Food extruder has also risen rapidly, and occupied the food and snack market with rapid and efficient advantages, becoming one of the indispensable snack equipment. It can provide us more choices for snacks in a large extent, but the development of food expansion equipment is not just satisfied good situation now, it will follow our changes in life requirements closely, and in order to satisfy our new demand of the snacks.

However, what are the advantages of food extruder equipment?

The food produced by the extruder is convenient to eat: the coarse grain after puffed, it has become a cooked food. It can be directly boiled with boiling water, or made into compressed food, or processed into a variety of foods will be easy to eat and saves time.

The preservation rate and digestibility of nutrients are high: the nutrient preservation rate and digestibility of the puffed foods are relatively high, which indicates that the puffing process has no effect on the nutrition of the food. The digestibility is higher than the unexpanded.

Puffed food is easy to store: the grain is puffed which is equivalent to a high temperature sterilization, and then the moisture content of the puffed powder is reduced to less than 10%. This low moisture limits the growth of insects and mildew, and enhances their stability in storage. It is suitable for long-term storage and is suitable for making military preparations for military use and improving its eating quality.

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