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The Rise of The Instant Noodle Production Line, The Instant Noodle Production Line to Help!

Release time:2018年10月30日

As we all know, the instant noodle industry rise sharply in China in the 1980s and 1990s. It is the period of rapid economic development in China. Hundreds of millions of floating population constitute a large consumer group of instant noodles. However, in recent years, as the total population flow has continued to fall, the demand for instant noodles has decreased during the journey, coupled with the upgrading of the consumer market, the shift in consumption structure and the rise of the take-away industry, the instant noodle market has also shrunk and entered cold winter situation.

With the trend of instant noodle market upgrade, the instant noodle industry returns to the consumption trend of kitchen flavors, and the product structure needs to be removed, especially remove the labels of unhealthy foods such as fried and additives. First, choose good ingredients. Second, improve technology to ensure that nutrition is not lost. Third, ensure a good taste, good taste, so that consumers have an endless aftertaste.

In the critical period of promoting the national strategy of Healthy China comprehensively, the convenience food industry will take advantage of the trend. By adjust the product structure, upgrade processing technology and push out innovative products continuously that are both nutritious and delicious, in order to reduce the industrial taste in certain extent. The products return to the traditional and natural, return to the kitchen flavor and restore the usual taste, and further meet the needs of the instant noodle consumer market upgrade. The author learned from the 18th China Instant Noodle Conference that the sales volume of the Chinese instant noodle industry increased by 4% in the first half of 2018, and sales increased by more than 8%. It can be seen that the instant noodle market has begun to rejuvenate.

Not long ago, the two giants of instant noodle industry, Master Kong and Uniform, released their financial reports for the first half of 2018. The revenues have increased to varying degrees compared with the same period of last year. This is a good confirmation of the risen trend of the instant noodle market. Some industry people said that the selection of ingredients, upgrading of technology, and moving towards high-end are the general trend of innovation and transformation in the instant noodle industry. Consumption Potential is Dug Out, nowadays, with the adjustment of instant noodle structure, technology and process improvement, we will accelerate transformation and upgrading, reverse the declining trendency, start resurrect and renew our vitality.

The instant noodle production line is a new generation of products with miniaturization characteristics based on the research of similar products at home and abroad. The process is perfect, the structure is compact, the design is novel, and the performance is stable and reliable. The production is completed automatically from flour to finished product, with simple operation, moderate output, energy saving, small floor space, low investment and quick effect. The corrugated instant noodles has a short rehydration time and good elasticity, smoothness and transparency, which is comparable to the large-scale equipment popular in the market.

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