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Have More Choice For Taste, Get The New Model Flavoring Line

Release time:2018年11月07日

With consumers pay more attention to the taste, snack manufacturers should make adjustments and reactions for the various tastes of the products timely. Using the right flavoring equipment is one of the ways to provide a multi-flavor experience for guests.

Main features of our flavoring line including:

1. The flavoring line is automatically feed by the hoister, and the hoister uses food-grade raw materials to ensure food safety.

2. The flavoring drum adopts screw quantitative feeding with the adjustable speed, and the advanced spreading system, the seasoning will be uniform.

3. The drum is formed by one press molding without dead angle.

4. It using the imported fuel injection head, the oil quantity is adjustable and the uniform spraying is. The heating cylinder is provided with an automatic electric heating system.

Main features of coating line:

1. The drum design uses a double-layer insulation structure with a hot air heating system at the bottom. The slurry tank is provided with an insulation layer, and the double tanks can be alternately operated and the temperature can be adjusted.

2. The drum is formed by one press molding without dead angle.

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