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Professional Manufacturer for Puffed Food – Arrow Machinery

Release time:2018年11月08日

When it comes to puffed food, you will definitely not be unfamiliar. Perhaps you will think of potato chips, chips, corn and other snacks  immediately. The domestic nutrition community believes that puffed foods are also known as extruded foods, blasting foods, and light foods. Specifically, the puffed food is made by grains, beans, potatoes, vegetables and etc., processed by the extruder to produce a variety of foods with a delicate appearance and rich nutrition.


With the large increase in the demand for puffed food, more and more puffed foods have entered people the field of vision. How can buy healthy, safe and authentic puffed food  for consumers in the complicated puffed food market? In general, consumers are advised to choose the puffed food produced by Jinan Arrow Machinery. After all, “eat” is not a sloppy thing. Jinan Arrow machinery products with genuine and guaranteed, is a good choice for eating snacks.


Jinan Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd has a variety of puffed food process lines, which can fully meet the diverse needs of puffed snack fans. Thinking of the consumer preferences of Chinese consumers, Jinan Arrow Food Machinery not only has the characteristics of the country of origin, but also takes into account the adaptability of the Chinese taste. The products produced by each food equipment must be tasted by domestic consumers to ensure the universal adaptation of the taste. These imported foods not only have exotic flavors and it also suits the tastes of most Chinese consumers.


In order to make consumers feel at ease and eat healthy, Jinan Arrow machinery food equipment, including export puffed food equipment, is checked by all levels to ensure that each product produced is healthy, natural and safe; each products have a health inspection report that can be queried, and we also try our best ability to achieve genuine products. Jinan Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd fully satisfies consumers' demand for delicious, safe and healthy food, and it is popular for many food manufacturers and puffed food machinery demanders.

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