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The Use and Characteristic of Single Screw Extruder Series

Release time:2018年11月09日

The single screw extruder widely used because its simple design and low price. Series of single-screw extruder mainly consist of feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, heating system, driving system, cooling system and controling system and are mainly used for processing of fried snack food.

The transmission system chamber is driving power to the extruder, and it generally consists of an electric motor and a reducer. The feeding device in the feeding system includes a hopper and the automatic feeding device, and the barrel is also called a cylinder. In order to ensure food safety during the production process, the material for manufacturing the barrel must use the food grade high strength, strong and wear-resistant alloy. The screw is the heart of the extruder, an important part that transports the material and conducts it, and the heating is done by heating the heating coil.

According to the different products, the customer can heat the material to the melt state through the screw barrel. The screw rotates the material through the die of the machine head to extrude the desired shape, and then cools the shape to obtain the final desired shape.

The feeding system, main drive system and rotary cutting system of the extruder produced by our company all adopt frequency control, strong power, stable operation and power saving. The extruder screw, barrel and mold are all designed with a circulating cooling system to ensure the temperature of the raw material in the extrusion is stable. The screw in the extruder is processed by special process, which is wear-resistant, anti-fatigue and long service life.

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