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Andvantage of Twin-Screw Extruder – Arrow Machinery

Release time:2018年11月10日

Extruder is divided into single screw extruder and twin screw extrusion extruder. Twin screw extruder will be better than single extruder in function.


Now I will introduce some advantages of the twin screw extruder.


1. Multi-functions for different snacks applications, it uses the modular circular groove screws.

2. Much longer using life of excellent modular screws and square barrels.

3. Different heating sources options and low maintenance charge.

4. Stable performance and longer using life guaranteed by top grade gear box and bearings. Automatic lubricating system, filtration system and cooling system; gear box, adopt alloy steel, bearing units is imported, NSK brand Japan.

5. Reliable parts supplier partners: SIEMENS-CHIAN, OMRON, FUJI, DELTA, LG.


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