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Jinan Arrow Machinery after-sales service -- professional team, professional service

Release time:2018年11月13日

With the continuous progress and development of society, the use of food machinery is also increasing, then there must be some kind of problem in the process of using it . Do not be afraid of  problems, we  Arrow machinery have a professional team, one-stop after-sales service.

1. Providing production formulas, installation and debugging, operation training and other services: professional engineers install and debug machines, train employees to operate skillfully, solve problems encountered in machine operation, and perform machine maintenance all year round.

2. Professional machine repair and maintenance services: long-term parts warranty and maintenance services, lifetime concessions to provide parts, equipment free warranty for one year.

3. Perfect customer product quality tracking system: establish a complete after-sale quality tracking report for customer products, professional analysis, timely feedback.

4. Non-standardized production: according to customer requirements, design and supply non-standardized products to meet customer specialization needs.

5. Based on the global customer needs: with the aim of "serving global customers", provide comprehensive consulting and after-sales services in equipment, technology, raw materials, packaging ,etc., and truly ensure that customers have no worries.

Wine is not afraid of the deep alley, good food machinery is not afraid of user verification. Jinan Arrow machinery have 15 years concentration, consummate technology, huge production capacity, professional service, 100% affordable. We sincerely provide to our all customers with the most cost-effective food machinery program.

Today's explanation is end, thank you for taking the time to read in your busy schedule. Buy a machine and find Arrow. Jinan Arrow is your best choice, we will provide you with the best quality and cheap products with the best enthusiasm and the best service. Please feel free to call our hotline 86-531-82316906, we are looking forward to your call.

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