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A Shallow talk about Jinan Arrow Nutrition Rice Powder Production Line

Release time:2018年11月15日

The production line uses various grains such as rice, corn, and beans as raw materials. After extruding, drying, crushing, and mixing, various nutrient powders such as infant rice powder, sesame paste, and bean flour can be produced. The production line automatically completes the process from the feed, the operation is simple, there is no dust leakage, and the hygiene and energy conservation. It can be easily mixed with various raw materials and nutrients.

With the improvement of people's living standards, health products and nutritional powder gradually enter into into thousands of households the form of gifts. People who have come out of the traditional diet structure have begun to search for functional foods that are conducive to health and longevity after food and clothing. Nutrition is also widely used.

Nutritional rice and powder production line from the raw material formulation→mixing → feeding →tempering→ extruding→ cooling-→ air conveying-→ drying → deliverying → polishing process production. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, strong stability, simple operation, high output, and short process time, and has effectively improved various disadvantages in the original system. It is widely used in all kinds of infant rice powder, Sesame paste and walnut paste products. It is a new and efficient nutrient rice powder production line.

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