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Factors affecting the instant noodle production line ---Jinan Arrow Machinery

Release time:2018年11月20日

Instant noodle production line is a new generation of products with miniaturization characteristics produced by our company on the basis of researching similar products at home and abroad. Its technology is perfect, compact structure, novel design, stable and reliable performance. Production from flour to finished products is automatically completed. It has the characteristics of simple operation, moderate output, energy saving, small occupation area, less investment and quick effect. The corrugated instant noodles produced have short rehydration time, good elasticity, smoothness and transparency, and can be compared with the large-scale equipment popular in the market.

With the continuous progress and development of society, more and more instant noodle enthusiasts, so what are the influencing factors of instant noodle production line? Now let me explain the factors that affect the instant noodle production line.

The ash content of flour not only affects the color and odor of flour, but also affects the uniform water absorption of flour, the formation of gluten network and the quality of products.

Protein and starch in flour only absorb water sufficiently to achieve good surface effect. Usually 100 kg of flour is required to add about 30 kg of water. In operation, the water content of flour and protein is adjusted accordingly. Without affecting the pressing and molding, adding water as much as possible is beneficial to improving the quality of products.

Adding proper amount of table salt. This is the conclusion that the nutritionist of fine noodle has come out after many experiments. When mixing dough with dissolved salt, it not only enhances the flavor, but also strengthens the gluten and improves the processing performance of dough. At the same time, salt has the function of preventing dough from rancidity. Usually it is: high protein content, more salt, otherwise less; summer temperature is higher, more salt is added, and winter is less.

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