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Production Process of Textured Soya / Vegetarian Soya Meat

Release time:2018年11月21日

I remembered the vegetarian soya meat that I often eat when I was a child. At that time, I didn’t have much pocket money, a pack of vegetarian soya meat spicy strips I could eat an afternoon. If not a good friend, I will not to share it. Nowadays, there are various kinds of spicy strips, such as shredded vegetarian meat, spicy vegetarian meat skewers, etc. And the real spicy vegetarian meat food is based on defatted soybean meal and peanut meal, form a layered fibrous tissue after stirring , squeezing and cutting.

This product has high protein content, meat state and taste, oil absorption, water absorption and taste absorption; it does not contain cholesterol and animal fat. It is widely used in meat products, fast foods, frozen foods, and it can also be made into a variety of vegetarian snack foods and vegetarian dishes.

The principle of the production line process is “spiral extrusion”, which by the screw in the barrel of the extruder and rotate it at a high speed to squeeze the raw material into a small space, generate heat and create a high temperature and high pressure environment. 

When the raw materials in this space are squeezed out from the tiny gaps, and come into a space of normal temperature and pressure, the moisture inside will expand rapidly, and it will be squeezed through various molds, then it will form various structures by a plain meat blank.

Because it has been subjected to high temperature and high pressure, it is already cooked so it does not need to be fried. It only needs to be made into various shapes and mix by spices such as chili oil. The equipment for extruding food is a screw extruder. Our extruder has many types of models, which can be used by customers to select models and test machines on site.

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