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The Production Process and Application of 3D Pellet Snacks Process Line

Release time:2018年11月22日

This process line uses potato starch, potato flour, corn starch, corn powder, wheat flour, cassava starch etc as main material, by the process of mixing, extruding, shaping and drying to produce dried double layer 3D pellets.

After changing cutting roller on shaping machine, this line can produce many innovative shapes, like Triangle, Oval, Racket, Hexagonal(Sixer), Rectangle, Chrismas tree, Animal, Zig Zag, Heart etc. After frying, the pellet will expand to several times, spraying some seasoning powder will make them much crispy and savory.

Technological process: raw materail preparation -- flour mixer -- screw conveyer –extruder -- forming machine --  hoister -- rotary dryer – hoister – vibrant sifter – hoister – continuous dryer – cooling machine – fryer -- flavoring line -- package.

This line is characterized by unique technique, rational configuration, high automation and stable performance. And it can finished integration of extrude, cure, composite molding and dry.

The series of single-machine production lines produced by our company are accord with the pursuit of economic benefits, and it can also provide a series of processing and production solutions for our customers. Our company's single machine also supports customers to enter the factory for inspection and can provide strong after-sales guarantee. It is an ideal choice for investing in 3D compound foods.


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