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Do you know the factors affecting the quality of puffed food?

Release time:2018年11月24日

For puffed food machinery equipment is also a kind of equipment used to puffed food, but in the process of puffing, there are many factors that will affect the factors of food, leading to different quality of puffed food. What are the factors that affect the quality of puffed food?

Now I'll explain the factors that affect the quality of puffed food.

Gelatinization: Starch granules swell and split in water at appropriate temperatures (60-80 C). The function of forming homogeneous paste solution is gelatinization. Only starch which is fully gelatinized but not disintegrated can break the hydrogen chain between molecules and absorb water sufficiently, which lays a foundation for the further aging of starch grains to encapsulate water with a high degree of crystallization, thus causing considerable expansion.

Drying: The moisture content of the product directly affects the expansion degree of the product. Therefore, the control of drying moisture content is very important. If the moisture content in the dried products is too much, it is difficult to drain the water in a short time when frying and expanding, which causes the products not to swell, the taste is soft and not brittle, and destroys the characteristics of the products. If the moisture content is too low, it is difficult to form enough steam to expand the food tissue in a short time when frying, which will also reduce the expansion degree of the product. Therefore, when the drying time is 7 hours, the moisture content is the most suitable.

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