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Arrow Machinery Makes Highland Barley Noodles Go Further, Make Instant and Nutritious Highland Barely Noodles

Release time:2018年11月29日

Highland barley is one of barley, it is also called hulless barley and naked barley. Highland barley noodles is made by highland barley noodles. The barley has a planting history is about 3500-10000 years. In the areas where the cold, the lack of oxygen and the strongest sunlight are hard to survive, the highland barley survives with its unique tenacious vitality, and the highest growth point reaches 4,750 meters. Highland barley has rich nutritional value and outstanding medical and health care functions. In the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, where there is so cold, but there is no shortage of centenarians. This is inseparable from the role of health care functions such as regular eating highland barley.

The highland noodles is known as the best coarse grain on the earth, and its nutritional value is high. It have been accepted and loved by the people of the world. The highland noodles are ground into a dough by mixing some other cereals with glutinous paste, and then pressed or simmered or smashed into pieces and then cut or pressed, or made into strips by means of simmering, pulling, pinching and etc., finally finished the produst after boiled and fried.

By changing different types of barley mixed materials, making methods and producing forms, various types of barley noodles can be produced, and the emergence of mechanical equipment is a rich addition to enlarge the highland barley noodle category. The delicious highland noodles are almost all tough and chewy and the mechanized production will develop the flavor of the highland noodles to the extreme.

In order to keep up with the development of the times and adapt to the fast pace of contemporary society, through the continuous efforts of people, it is more conducive to the successful production of instant hignland barley noodles for office workers, and the expansion processing equipment produced by our company is the method of artificial noodle making.

The raw materials mixed with barley and grain mixed, extruded, dried, aired and packaged to produce various types of barley noodles, such as ingredients into soybeans and the like. The production line is automatically completed from the start of the feeding process, and the operation is simple, no dust leakage, and energy saving. It is convenient to produce a variety of barley noodles with green barley as raw material and various cereals as ingredients.

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