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Analysis of Precautions During Install of Puffed Food Machinery

Release time:2018年12月04日

Puffed food machinery is a high-efficiency and high-performance food machine. In order to let newly purchase machinery has stable and efficient production, correct installation is very important. For the food extrution machine which is apply in wide range of food, feed and industrial production also is important. Below I will explain some detail of the precautions for the installation of puffed food machinery:

1. Puffed food machinery should read the equipment manual carefully before installation to understand the structure, dimensions and position of the lifting point.

2. When the equipment is hoisted and transported, the correct method should be taken to avoid damage to the equipment. If the equipment is installed on the floor surface, the belt guard and the belt should be removed first, and the expansion chamber should not be lifted to avoid damaging the important working parts of the equipment.

3. The floor or bracket of which the extruder installed must be firm and keep level to withstand the full working conditions of the machine, otherwise it will affect the use performance of the extruder.

4. The feeder and the conditioner can be bolted to the main machine of the extruder directly, and the discharge port of the conditioner should be consistent with the feeding port on the extruder.

5. The steam pipe connection and installation of the extruder must be comply with local regulations strictly and it should be sealed and insulated.

6. The extruder should be installed with enough space around it in order to facilitate operation, maintenance and maintenance and the installation environment should be ventilated.

7. The connecting bucket at the upper and lower interfaces of the extruder should be flat and smooth to facilitate material flow.

9. The installation position of the control cabinet should be appropriate to facilitate production operation and equipment maintenance and maintenance.

8. After installed the water supply and steam pipes, the pipes should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the residues in the pipes from blocking the valves or fittings.

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