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Daily application of the pulverizer – Arrow Machinery

Release time:2018年12月08日

A pulverizer is a machine that can use external force to deform a material and split it into finer particles. At present, the pulverizer has been widely used in various industries.

There are many kind of pulverizers on the market. It can cut feed vines and high stalks, besides, it also can crushed red sorghum and corn. This is a common machine used in the processing industry. Because the working principle of the pulverizer is different, the development of the pulverizer has also shown diversified development, and the pulverizer produced by our company has also been widely used in various puffed machinery production lines, and the most widely used bread crumbs production line.

The bread crumb process line is researched and developed on the basis of international advanced extrusion technology, and its quality and operation have reached the domestic advanced level. The production line has changed the traditional bread crumbs production process. The production process is fully automated for mixing, extrusion, cutting, crushing and drying.

The application of the crusher in the bread crumb line is responsible for crushing the produced bread crumbs to meet the customer's needs. Bread crumbs are widely used in food supplements for wrapping on fried foods such as fried chicken, chicken wings, chicken legs, hamburger patties, seafood (shrimp, fish), onion rings, etc. It is crispy, delicious and nutritious.

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