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Do You Know the Maintanence Method of Food Machine?

Release time:2018年12月15日

With the continuous advancement and development of the society, the use of food equipment is also increasing, so the daily maintenance of the equipment is becoming more and more important. Below I will explain to you the small method of maintenance of food equipment:


First of all, it should be done after the shutdown, such as refueling, cleaning, adjustment, anti-corrosion and other routine maintenance work. Check and maintain the easy-to-maintain parts and key parts.


Then clean the appearance thoroughly, check the wear and tear, replace the wearing parts, and avoid unnecessary trouble. Please remember refueling, lubrication and cleaning.


Adjust the matching clearance of each part and adjust the braking force. Fasten parts of each part. Check the reliability of various safety devices and steel wires. Important parts and positions should be dismantled for inspection and maintenance in time.

Repair or replace worn and damaged parts. The number of all-painting and printing equipment must be standardized.


I hope that everyone can use this product better and better, understand the relevant knowledge of daily maintenance, and use it safely.


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