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Crab, Grimace and etc. are not Puffed Snacks Food Producing Equipment

Release time:2018年12月17日

Our puffing extruder can produce kinds of shape for snacks food, such as crab, grimace, small dolphins and etc., it is very popular for children.

This process line mainly use potato starch/flour, corn starch, cassava starch, wheat flour as main materials, through mixing, extruding, cutting and drying to produce various shapes pellets, like shell, screw, spiral, tube pellets. After oil frying and flavoring with different seasoning, these pellets will become crispy and delicious snacks food.

This snacks food process line include mixer,screw conveyer,FT75 twin screw extruder,biaxial conditioner, platform, vibrate cooling, high hoister, 5 layer oven and flavoring line.

During the transportation of the equipment, we will bear the transportation cost. When the customer accepts the inspection or the equipment arrives at the designated location of the customer, the customer carries out the loading and unloading and shifting. During transportation, our company will take the necessary safety measures to maximize the protection of the equipment during transportation or handling. When the equipment is transported to the customer's designated location, our company will arrange relevant personnel to install and debug in time. The customer should arrange the power pipeline, raw materials and related equipment required for the commissioning of the equipment.

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