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Analysis of Extruder Common Fault – Arrow Machine

Release time:2018年12月20日

With the continuous advancement and development of the society, the use of puffed food machinery is also increasing. Due to the demand of major supermarkets, the extruder in the factory needs a lot of processing, which also causes it to run for a long time. This will produce various fault problems.


Let me explain some the common faults and treatment methods of the extruder:

I.The reason for the extruder spraying

1. The feed of the feeding machine of the extruder is not smooth;

2. The direct steam of the extruder is too large;

3. The feeding of the extruder is reduced instantaneously;

4. Counter-flow dryer high level alarm, extruder feed auger chain shutdown;



(1) The extruder should first close the direct steam valve of the extruder and exit the cone die at the computer or in the field

(2) analyzing the cause of the spray material for processing

(3) Eliminate the cause of the failure and clean up the accumulation of the feed discharge port

(4) Unlock the power transmission extruder to start production


II.Puffing machine belt slip

1. The extruder drive belt is too loose to cause slippage;

2. the bulking machine load is too large (large feed amount, small steam supply, cone die ischarge is not smooth, etc.)



(1) If it is the slip caused by the loose belt, it is necessary to stop the extruder, the motor breaks and locks, and repairs the machine belt tightly.

(2) If the load is too large, the belt will slip, and if the belt slips seriously, it is necessary to first withdraw the cone die, close the small steam valve, and reduce the feeding amount of the extruder. When the current of the extruder is reduced to normal current, adjust the feed amount and steam amount to produce. Pay attention to the change of the motor current of the extruder when entering the mold. After the mold is normal, slowly increase the feed amount and steam volume until the extruder is fully loaded. If the belt is slightly slipped and only need to adjust the amount of steam or the amount of feed, and generally adjust the amount of steam.


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