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Do You Know the Fault Handling for the Feed Twin-screw Extruder?

Release time:2018年12月22日

The twin screw feed extruder is a kind of puffed food machinery in Jinan, which is mainly used for food puffing, livestock feed or for puffing a single raw material. This series of dry and wet puffing machines is suitable for large, medium and small farms, feed mills and food plants. What should we do if the machine fails?

Let me explain to you the fault handling of the twin-screw feed extruder:

1. The machine body appears strange sounds, the bearing is rotten, worn, and lack of oil.

Maintenance method: Disassemble the large pulley, the front discharge port, and hammer the spindle forward or backward. According to the original, the rear axle bearing is first inserted, the rear cover screw is fixed, and the front bearing is re-entered. The oil seal should be replaced, and the base lubricant should be added, do not add engine oil.

2. The screw will generally wear about 100,000 jins, the output will drop, and it will not puff.

Treatment: Replace the new screw sleeve with a durable thruster. In general, the new propellers are equipped with old sets and the new sets are equipped with old shafts.

3. When the discharge hole is too large, the other holes should be exchanged.

4. For other reasons, the discharge nut can not be removed, the tool can be used to disassemble the sleeve, clamped with a vise, and disassembled with oxygen.
FT Series Twin-Screw Extruder 水印不加联系方式.jpg

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