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Maintenance General Knowledge of Instant Noodles Process Line

Release time:2018年12月29日

With the continuous advancement and development of the society, the use of instant noodle production lines is increasing. Then, in the process of use, what should we do to minimize losses when the machine have breakdown? Now I will introduce some maintenance general knowledge of instant noodles process line.

1. In the production, if a fault is found, try not to repair it first, and adopt a maintenance method to continue production in the production line. You can choose to centralize the repairman and operator during the holiday and repair all problems.

2. In order to reduce the frequency of faults, a timer can be installed in the equipment, the working time of the equipment can be recorded, the wear law can be applied to measure the wear of the wearing parts, and the wearing parts can be replaced in advance, and the fault can be eliminated in advance to ensure the production line is fully loaded.

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