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Do You Know The Advantage of Pet Food Process Line?

Release time:2019年01月02日

With the improvement and development of society, the use ofpet food process line is increasing. So do you understand the advantages of the pet feed process line? Let me explain to you the advantages of the pet feed process line:


Puffing and molding: The raw material suddenly depressurizes after continuous high pressure, which can gelatinize the starch cells and rupture the oil cells, and process the desired product shape.


Under the action of the high temperature of the extruder, the material can be matured in 10 seconds. It can be processed in a very short time, and the protein, energy and vitamin content in the material can be retained to improve the digestibility and palatability of the product.


Dehydration of pet feed production equipment: When the material leaves the extruder, under the action of high temperature and high pressure, the moisture in the feed can be evaporated instantaneously, which is conducive to storage.


To enhance the stability of the feed, under the action of high temperature and high pressure, the machine can passivate the enzyme causing spoilage in the material and enhance the stability of the feed during storage.


After the high temperature and high pressure treatment of the materials in the pet feed production equipment, the pathogenic microorganisms are killed, which can effectively prevent pig white peony, jaundice, etc., and improve the survival rate of the young babies.


Good palatability: It can puff out a feed with unique aroma and fluffiness. It has good palatability and high gelatinization.


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