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Introduction of Fried Dough Snacks Process Line—Jinan Arrow

Release time:2019年01月03日

As a leader in snack foods,fried dough foods are usually produced by frying lines.This line usually include dough mixer, dough rolling machine shaping machine, hoister, continuous fryer, vibrate de-oiling machine, flavoring line and etc.

First, use the noodle mixer to stir the raw materials and ingredients evenly; then carry out the primary and secondary calendering processing by the calender to maintain sufficient kneading; then use the molding machine to form the pasta material; when the molding is completed, the formed pasta The raw material enters the continuous fryer through the hoist. During the frying process, in order to ensure the frying taste of the fried, we need to fry continuously; Deep-fried is the key to the success of fried pasta. It is understood that the frying time is related to the parameters such as batch and oil temperature. At present, all kinds of frying equipment produced by our company can adjust the oil temperature and time to further facilitate the frying of pasta. Production; finally, the fried pasta is degreased, seasoned, packaged, and the like.

The production line mixes raw materials such as flour with water, presses it through a plurality of press rolls, cuts into different shapes by using a special cutter, and extrudes it by frying. After frying, it is seasoned and dried to make delicious snack food. The production line is reasonable in design and simple in operation. It is the best choice for large and medium-sized enterprises to process fried food!

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