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Do You Know the Maintenance Technology for Instant Noodles Process Line?

Release time:2019年01月24日

With the continuous advancement and development of the society, the use of instant noodle production lines is increasing. It is very necessary to regularly maintain the production line, which will reduce the occurrence of failures and prolong the service life of the production line. So how to maintain the instant noodle production line? Below I will explain to you the maintenance tips of the instant noodle production line:


1. The heating tube must be immersed in the medium to work;

2. In the summer, the oil-water mixing fryer needs to change the water once a day; in the winter, it can be replaced regularly according to the water quality to protect the quality of the oil;

3. The frying machine must be filled with oil before the electric energy can be burned to avoid burning the electric heating pipe;

4. Regularly check the performance and sensitivity of the photoelectric switch;

5. The heating pipe should be cleaned up in time for a period of time, and cleaned at least four times a month;

6. Clean the residue on the surface of the fryer in time, and the residue should not accumulate too much or too thick to prevent the heat stored in the slag from causing fire.


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