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Do You Know The Breakdown Maintenance Methods of Pet Food Process Line?

Release time:2019年01月26日

With the continuous advancement and development of the society, the use of pet food process line is also increasing, so there will be problems in the process of use. Let me explain to you the daily maintenance tips of the pet food process line:


When the body has a strange sound, the bearing is broken, worn, and lack of oil, the large pulley should be disassembled, the front discharge port part, and the main shaft hammered out forward or backward. Install the rear axle bearing first, fix the rear cover screw, and then install the front bearing. Replace the oil seal, add base oil, do not add engine oil.


The screw can generally wear after produce 50,000kg products, and the output will drop without puffing. Treatment: Replace the new screw sleeve will better than durable thruster. In general, the new propellers are equipped with old sets and the new sets are equipped with old shafts.


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