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Composition and Routine Maintenance of Bugles Production and Processing Equipment

Release time:2019年01月28日

Technological process of bugles production machine: raw material preparation – mixing – convey – extrution – cutting – frying – flavoring - packing

The puffed bugles production equipment is an advanced extrution machine developed by the company according to the needs of domestic and foreign markets. Its operation performance, product quality and process taste have reached the advanced level in the same industry. The production line is easy to operate and easy to learn, and is an ideal choice for manufacturers who are engaged in the casserole salad. It can produce a variety of different shapes of casserole salad, the product tastes crisp, oily but not greasy, leaving a residue after eating, promoting intestinal digestion and so on. It is the food for the majority of consumers after a meal.

Technological process:

1.Flour Mixer: choose different type mixer according to output capacity of process line

2.Appending Machine: use the motor as power screw type transport

3.Extruder: According to the different production line production, different types of puffing mainframes can be selected. The output can be selected according to the actual production. Corn flour, cereal flour, bone meal, meat powder, etc. can be used as raw materials, and the shape of the specific product can be replaced.

4. Cutting machine: bugles cutting machine,size of bugles can adjust customer’s requirement

5. Fryer: it can be configured according to client’s requirement,  de-oil machine will be more economize

6. Flavoring line: we have eight square seasoning machine, single-drum flavoring line and double-drum flavoring line

Professional Service:

1.Provide kind of basic formula

2. Kinds of different product shapes

3. Free installation and trial run

4. Training staff

5. One year free guarantee for machine

6. The length of the production line is about 15 meters, which can be placed according to the size of the customer's factory.

7. The customer can provide the size of the plant, and our technicians will give the best equipment plan for free.

Today's explanation is end, thank you for taking the time to read in your busy schedule. Shandong Light/Jinan Arrow Machinery is dedicated to providing all customers with the most cost-effective food machinery solutions with exquisite technology, professional service and best benefits. Please feel free to contact our hotline 86-531-82316906, we will look forward to your call.

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