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Advantages of Nutrition Powder / Meal Replacement Powder Process Line

Release time:2019年01月29日

The main function of the nutrition powder is to supplement the energy required by our body. The nutrition powder changes its shape according to the daily food, and smash it into a powder to suit the patient or a specific group. For special patients who cannot eat by mouth, nutrition powder can be given through the nasogastric tube to ensure the nutrition of the patient.

The most commonly used is enteral nutrition powder, which has the advantages of low slag and easy digestion. Nutritional powder for infants and young children, mainly rice noodles, can not replace all the nutrients needed by babies. So clients need select the appropriate nutrient powder according to different purposes.

Nowadays, there are a large number of nutritious meal replacement powders in the market, which mainly use various high-nutrient substances as the main raw materials to produce proteins, oligopeptides, polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients essential ingredients and physiologically active ingredients for maintaining normal physiological functions of the human body. It can give the body a direct, high quality, continuous protein supplement.

The blending of whole grains makes the formula more scientific, reasonable and comprehensive, and the nutritional supplement is more balanced. Therefore, it can better enhance the body's immunity and health. The products also have the advantages of simple eating method, ready-to-feed, and soup porridge. It is the first choice for people who are fast-paced and healthy.

The nutrient powder production line produced by our company uses various grains such as rice, corn and beans as raw materials. It can be extruded, dried, pulverized and mixed to produce various nutritional powders such as baby rice noodles, sesame paste and soy flour. The production line is automatically completed from the start of the feeding process, and the operation is simple, no dust leakage, and energy saving. It can be easily combined with a variety of raw materials and nutrients.

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