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Do you know the type of puffed aquatic feed?

Release time:2019年01月31日

With the continuous advancement and development of the society, the use of aquatic feed has become more and more popular. Let me explain to you the types of puffed aquatic feed.


Pellet feed: it divided into sinking feed and floating feed. In ordinary fish feed, there are more floating feeds. After the feed is put into the feed, the feed floats on the surface of the water and the fish swims to the surface to swallow the feed. The feed generally does not sink, and it is not easy to leak into the gap of the bottom sand of the aquarium, causing corruption.


Powdered feed: Small particles used to feed young fish. A variety of feeds commonly found in food fish. After the feed is put in, the feed slowly sinks and the fish can be eaten during the sinking process. Generally, the powdered feed for ornamental fish will puff the powdery particles. It can be suspended in water for a long time. It is easy to get turbid water.


Flaky feed: Also known as flake feed, it is an ideal feed form. After the feed is put in, some of the feed floats on the water, some of the feed is suspended in the water, and some of the feed sinks into the water. However, due to the large surface area, it is not easy to leak into the bottom sand gap.


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