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Do You Know The Routine Maintenance of Extruder?

Release time:2019年02月18日

Extruder using become more and more popular with social continue improvement and development. Next I will introduce some tips about the extruder’s maintenance.


1. After finished the work, extruder need to be clean, especially the relict material in machine inside. Avoid the situation that the agglomeration is difficult to clean after cooling, and the high temperature raw materials should be deteriorated in summer.

2. The large pulley of the extruder main shaft should be cleaned frequently, and there must be no dust collection. Otherwise, the pulley will be unbalanced and cause the expansion chamber to vibrate.

3. The main bearing of the extruder is lubricated with lubricating oil, and the bearing parts of the feed conditioner and other transmissions are lubricated with grease. The main bearing must be replaced with new oil on a regular basis, with a new oil replacement for every 250 hours of operation. For other bearing parts, grease is applied once every 48 hours.

4. The chain transmission mechanism on the steam conditioner should be lubricated frequently, especially the bearings on the steam inlet should be refueled.

5. When removing the screw head, do not re-tap or re-twist. Always keep the extruder and accessories clean and hygienic.


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