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Cereal Puffed Food Processing and Development

Release time:2019年02月22日

Cereal is main food resource for human survival. The grain processing industry undertake the heavy responsibility of providing humans with a basic dietary source and ensuring human health. At present, the application of puffing technology in China to produce grain puffed food is still in its infancy, so we should actively carry out research on puffing theory and puffing technology, and continuously develop new products. It is believed that with the improvement of living standards, the puffed foods that meet the needs of the public will develop rapidly.

Cereal puff food process line is a new extrusion machine with new design, its basic on absorbing the foreign advanced technology of similar equipment.Its technical performance and product quality are up to the advanced level of similar equipment.The production line is fully automated from batching, extrusion, puffing, forming, core filling , cutting, spraying to finished product. The production line has many models, flexible equipment configuration, wide range of raw materials, a wide variety of products, and simple operation. By changing the mold and production process, it can produce sandwich cakes, puffed rice crackers, wheat braised, nutritious breakfast cereals and other products, which are suitable for various food manufacturers.

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