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Analysis of Extruder Puffed Method – Arrow Machine

Release time:2019年02月22日

With the continuous advancement and development of the society, the use of puffed food machinery is also increasing. Do you know the method of puffed food extruder? Now we will introduce some method about it.


There are two kinds of puffing food machine puffing: dry puffing and wet puffing. Which one to choose depends on the actual situation. The first thing to look at is the function of the puffing machine you use. Take soybean as an example, which method should be selected according to the moisture of soybean. When soybean moisture is high, it is better to use dry method to puff, which is conducive to evaporation of water and reduction of moisture content of soybean powder.


The wet puffing mainly uses steam in the conditioner, and the cooked material enters the puffing chamber. However, the product after compression and puffing has a high moisture content and must be dried and cooled.


When the moisture content of soybean is low, wet expansion can be used, because by adding steam, it is easy to adjust the quality, it can increase the yield per unit time, and it has a stronger destructive effect on some anti-nutritional factors, and can further improve the soybean powder’s nutritional value.


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