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Taking The Expanded Soybean as an Example, We Should Choose The Dry Puffing Machine or the Wet Puffing Machine?

Release time:2019年03月01日

On the market, the extruder is generally divided into a dry extruder and a wet extruder. The wet puffing machine adds a conditioner to the dry puffing machine. The purpose is to raise the temperature of the material, soften and premature the material, and replenish a certain amount of water. Wet puffing has higher efficiency than dry puffing, and the service life of the wearing parts in the spiral and puffing barrel is long. The reason is: if the material puffing temperature is 130 °C, the dry puffing is raised from room temperature (generally 20 ° C) to 130 ° C. It needs to be heated to 110 °C; if it is produced by wet method, the temperature after quenching and tempering is 80 °C, only the temperature of 50 °C needs to be raised. Therefore, the mechanical energy required for wet expansion is less than that of dry expansion, and more energy can be used. Increase the yield; due to the softening of the material, reduce the wear of the wearing parts such as the spiral and the expansion chamber, and improve the service life.

Taking soybean puffing as an example, when the moisture content of the soybean raw material is high, it is preferable to use a dry puffing method, which is favorable for evaporation of water and reduction of moisture content of the soybean powder.

When the moisture content of the soybean raw material is low, the wet puffing can be used, because the steam is easily tempered, the yield per unit time can be increased, and the anti-nutritional factors are more destructive, and the soybean powder can be further improved and improved. Nutritional value. Try to improve the conditioning effect, which is conducive to the protein solubility of the expanded soybean.

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