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Analysis on the Correct Use of Puffed Food Machinery---Arrow Machinery

Release time:2019年03月01日

How to properly use the puffed food machinery in the work to ensure the safety and safety of the puffed food machinery equipment. Let me explain to you the correct use of puffed food machinery:


1. When the equipment is in operation, in order to avoid clogging of the spiral groove, the feeding should be continuous and uniform, and the material should be dry. When the spiral groove of the extruder is found to be clogged, do not stop immediately. Run it for a while after stopping the feed until you stop the machine when you smell the burnt smell. This can prevent the nozzle and the screw sleeve from being stuck. In the event that the nozzle and the screw sleeve cannot be removed, do not use force to knock it off. You can remove it from the body and put it in the fire for a while, then you can remove it.


2. When the nozzle does not spray out the formed product at the beginning of the operation, it is often caused by the temperature of the nozzle being too high. The reason is that the raw material is too dry, or there is foreign matter in the spiral groove, or the feed is interrupted. The reason should be found according to different conditions to eliminate the fault.


3. After the end of the work to stop feeding, let the machine idle for 1 minute, drain all the material in the machine and then stop the machine. 


4. Before working, remove the working parts such as the machine head, movement, and lead screw, clean the scale and oil on the movement and the screw carefully, and dry it after washing.


5. Firstly start the machine for 1 minute - 2 minutes when using machine, then slowly add the raw material to the feed port when about a ring groove of the screw shaft is filled, stopped and start friction preheated. When the temperature of the machine head rises, the pressure inside the machine cavity increases, and the nozzle hole starts to spurt, the material is feed again. Since the normal temperature and pressure have not been reached in the machine cavity at this time, the amount of feed should be gradually increased gradually.


6. Feeding should be continuous and uniform, the material should be dry, otherwise it will easily cause the spiral groove to block.


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